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'Spinning van' killed crash survivors on flooded Nottinghamshire road

Engaged couple Shana Sutaria and Shabhaz Bhim were hit by a van on a flooded road.

The cities where tens of thousands have problem debts

In some inner-city areas, more than a fifth of the population are missing bill payments.

Al Hasawi 'made mistakes but cared'

Fawaz Al Hasawi made "lots of mistakes" when he owned Nottingham Forest but cared about the club, says ex-Reds captain Andy Reid.

Macfarlane Group buys Nottingham firms in £16.75m deal

The deal, which involves two Nottingham firms, is the Glasgow-based group's biggest acquisition to date.

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Mexico: Strong earthquake topples buildings, killing scores

The tremor toppled buildings in the capital with many feared trapped in the rubble.

Hurricane Maria bears down on Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

"Evacuate," Puerto Rico's safety commissioner warned residents. "Otherwise, you're going to die."

Trump's first UN speech met with criticism from some leaders

The US president's first key speech at the UN was denounced by some member nations he had singled out.

Catalonia referendum: Spanish raid on Unipost deals blow to vote

Police discover a mass of documents directly related to the banned independence referendum.